Remembering to Reconnect With You

So my life for the last almost 15 years has been Autism. I have lost most of my friends that I had prior to the diagnosis. My world is surrounded by those that either I work with, those I have supported their work in someway, families that are going through the same thing I am, companies that I work with to help encourage them to help the families I have met along the way and so forth. There is really no one in my life on a regular basis that is just my friend that has nothing to do with Autism.

A Hard Lesson

I have learned these last couple years (from some) and yesterday was another reminder that some you support in Autism are ONLY your friend when you do all they want; when they want and if not then you were never really friends.

This saddened me as we live in a society of individuals often only caring about themselves and taking for granted all you do for them.

This lesson has been hard for me as it always hurts me. I give my whole heart to all and I am always surprised by those that you support often just have their goals no matter who they hurt. It’s a tough world out there! The politics just really suck! If you only knew! I could seriously write a book from behind the scenes and you would be shocked by some! Lol I might wait for retirement for that one!

It’s A balance – Let’s Dance

ZumbaSo as I was leaving work driving to Barre Ballet I started to appreciate my workout classes on a whole new level. This is a new way for me to meet new people I thought.

They ask nothing from me, they just laugh with me as we do something good for our bodies. I started to really ponder changing my buckets of time I allocate for those I work around in the Autism world.

I wanted to create more balance and open the door for new friends. I got to class and let go of the hurt that someone bestowed upon me through email earlier in the day and just danced!

I laughed with others, I sweated and pushed through soreness and let the music take me over!
I am starting to learn new names and people are saying hi to me and happy to see me in class. Which they have no idea how awesome that is for me. They have no clue what I do, or how hard my life is sometimes with my son; they just have a welcoming smile and wave.

Amazing Gift Required Nothing From Me

After class I was really grateful I had went. Often it can be hard to leave work for me as I can get swallowed up in emails and projects and lose track of time.

I made it to class with 2 min to spare; I slipped on my ballet shoes, stretched and just melted away the day.

Then the most amazing gift happened! I stopped at the grocery store to pick something up quickly before heading home and as I pushed my cart I hear “Hi Kristin! Do you live near here too? It was a gal from my class! The feeling I got to feel what other people must get often was priceless! We stood in the aisle laughing and discussing the classes of the week. Just being two gals! I NEVER get that! She wanted nothing from me, expected nothing from me, asked me for nothing. Just friendship in the moment!!!

It truly was beyond awesome!!

Sooo glad I am doing these classes! It is giving me so much more than just workouts! It’s reminding me there is a world outside the Autism world and I am loving it!!
#NewPriorities  #mytruth

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