I just had the best day with my son! I am drenched from the water rides I rode multiple times, my hair is wind blown from the many rollercoasters and my belly is aching from all the laughter! Jax picked rides he wanted to go on, laughed so much, and we basically stayed till closing… He even picked a hat and matching socks he wanted! I know everyday won’t always be like this just taking it day by day however, so grateful and I am reminded it’s possible! He works so hard everyday and today I felt like we were just like everyone else (which was so nice)! Tearing up from the gratitude I have in my heart and I will never take anything with Jax for granted. I was told none of this was ever possible by top doctors and I am so glad I didn’t listen and kept believing it was!

#nevergiveup #autism #gojaxgo



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