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  • Event: Autism Hope Summit – 2016
  • Media: Audio Interview
  • Host: Kristin S Gonzalez
  • Guest: Stacey Littlefield (Master Herbalist)
  • Theme: Self Care for Caregivers – Managing Stress
  • YouTube:

Kristen: I would like to introduce Stacy Littlefield She’s the master herbalist and lead product formulator for Redd Remedies. We are going to be talking about Self Care For Caregivers – Managing Stress. Welcome Stacy! 

Stacey Littlefield: Hi!

Kristen:  I am so excited to have you here. I know so many of our families out there, especially our families with children with autism; One of the one things that dealing with is anxiety and stress and not enough time in the day. I love that we’re talking about self-care. What is self-care?

Stacey Littlefield: Self Care includes any intentional action that a person will take to care for their own mental, emotional, spiritual or physical health.

Kristen: Why is Self Care so important?

Stacey Littlefield: It’s really important especially when we’re talking about subject with kids that have special needs. There are so many parents involved. The parents are the caregivers.

One of my favorite quotes about self care Is from Eleanor Brown. She’s a life coach. And she says “You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”

So if the parent or the caregiver, is him or her, is Low on energy. Doesn’t have the emotional resiliency and strength. Then they can’t care for their family. Caregivers have to pay attention to their own health. So that they’re there, in their presence for when a child or loved one needs them…

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Self Care for Caregivers – Managing Stress / Stacey Littlefield (Master Herbalist)

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