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Shake Up That Etch A Sketch

So there are days like today that I just wish for normal. Whatever normal is. Autism can be so challenging and I have to keep reminding myself to shake up my etch a sketch and re draw a new picture of what perfect is. Some of us in the community won’t ever get the graduations, school dances, soccer games, driver’s license, first dates and so on…

When I was a little girl I used to dream of getting to be the mom that cut up orange slices for my kids sporting practices, I looked forward to complaining about car pool, and having the crazy waffle weekend breakfast’s as I yelled at my kids to pick up their shoes they left laying on the ground…

That is not my reality these days and I have to continue to be excited on all of our victories and accomplishments… Like his first words again after losing all of his speech at 15 months of age, the first time he looked at me again, his laughter after holding him for years and years in my arms as he screamed. I have so many dreams for Jaxson still. I will never stop dreaming and reaching for all the stars for him. I have to redefine what normal is for me today.

Normal changes daily too… Today’s normal won’t be tomorrow’s. Learning to appreciate and be grateful for every wonderful moment we get when Jax is doing well and feeling well….. So I am shaking up my etch a sketch and re drawing what today’s normal and perfect is…. #autism #hope #nevergiveup

Photo by Jinho.Jung

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