So I found this super interesting… we are having some work done in the yard this morning and Jax often covers his ears at random times (he doesn’t like ear cancelling headphones either) and today he asked me to squeeze this part and a little further in of his ear. He sat there smiling listening to the drills outside as long as I was squeezing his ear then he didn’t cover them… he told me what to do to help him… so I started wondering if maybe I could find a clip on earring w out the earring and see if maybe that might help him at times he wants to cover his ears. He never has liked earplugs either which makes sense if squeezing his ear is what helps. Anyone else ever experience this to help their kiddos? I love even w limited language this kid is starting to learn to tell me stuff so he can gain more coping skills! Our kiddos are in there we just can’t give up!! #autism#nevergiveup #hope #copingskills