As my son is less than 2 weeks away from turning 13 years old it starts to pull on my heartstrings a bit. I remember at 13 I started to like boys and makeup and all sorts of teenage stuff… I don’t get to experience what I had dreamed about yet with Jax in the same ways.

I know to continue to have faith and just keep climbing the ladder as he has come so far and we are reaching new dreams together. I have stopped questioning years ago the “why” and have learned to appreciate the “now.” As his mommy though I just hope and pray he gets the opportunities and chances many of us had. My heart is filled w so much love for him and I so wish I could just make all safe and perfect for him but I know that is out of my control and I can only do my best. He is my boy and I am so proud of him always…. #mamaslove#nevergiveup#autism#hope

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