The Gift of Hope is a program designed to support families of children with Autism. The gift is made possible by means of the generous donations of our sponsors and contains essential nutritional products.

Families that are approved will receive a one month supply of four nutritional products every month for a year, after which, they can re-qualify.


Families are prequalified based on financial need and renewed yearly. They will submit:

  • Gift of Hope Application
  • Tax Return
  • Pay Stub(s)
  • ATEC Survey

AHA will confirm you are under the median income for the state in which you live.

Families will be asked to fill out a new ATEC survey every 90 days and results will be tracked.


TIER 1 | Families that qualify for this tier get all the products every month, for one year at no charge!

TIER 2 | This tier is for the families that have higher income but could still use a break. Families that qualify for this tier can purchase the package at a greatly discounted rate.


Greens or Vitamins (Round 1 = Vibrant Health – Super Kids Vibrance Greens)

Proper nutrition is essential for the health of everyone. Vitamins and minerals are fundamental for cellular function, energy, immune support and fighting free radical damage.  AHA will provide either a plant source greens powder or a whole food multivitamin. Either can be mixed with juice or a smoothie and consumed as a drink.

Essential Fats (Round 1 = Barleans – Fish Oil  – Omega Swirl)

Essential Fatty Acids (EFs) are an important part of every diet. Few people get enough. EFAs are necessary for proper brain function, cell function, skin health, mood and appetite control. The EFAs we provide are either emulsified in a great tasting liquid or oil-based that can be added to numerous foods or a smoothie.

Digestive Enzymes (Round 1 = Houston Enzymes – TriEnza)

Digestive enzymes are helpful in assisting the body in properly breaking down foods that are consumed. This takes stress off the digestive system and reduces common symptoms of poor digestion. The enzymes provided by AHA are in a capsule form and can be mixed with food or a drink.

Probiotics (Round 1 = Master Supplements – Theralac)

Probiotics are living beneficial bacteria that colonize the intestinal tract and support the digestive process. This reduces common symptoms of poor digestion. There is increasing evidence that they can also improve mood and behavior. The capsule provided can be easily opened and delivered in food.

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  • We approved 5 more families today! We are up to 31 children.

  • Nadia Benitez
    March 17, 2017 7:04 pm

    We received our first Gift of Hope box last week!! I feel so grateful ! The box came with the supplements and in addition, they added a book, a gfcf bar, a soothing mist and other reading material. On behalf of my son and I , thank you AHA !!!

  • We received our box and are super excited! My son is in LOVE with the fish oil included this month. He is super sensitive to taste and won’t take fish oil if it tastes like fish. He took it and asked for more

  • I want to thank AHA for this incredible opportunity. We received our box not too long ago and I’m amazed. My son is actually taking his fish oil! Didn’t like the flavors of other kinds so we switched to flax oil as it was less of an after taste. The omega swirls are amazing. We can finally give him the correct dosage as recommended. He has enjoyed the samples included as well. Feel so blessed for this chance to use these products. thank you so much!

  • I got my box in last week and was excited about all the great things that came in it and also the extra benefits we got, like the calming spray. I have used the calming spray in the past and it has worked wonders for my child, I am so glad they put that in there. I also can’t wait to read the book that was giving. I want to say thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!