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  • Event: MAPS
  • Media: Video Interview
  • Host: Kristin S Gonzalez
  • Guest:  Dr. Dan Rossignol
  • Theme: What is Autism?
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Kristin:  I’d like to introduce our next doctor, Dr. Dan Rossignol thank you so much for being here.

Dr. Dan Rossignol : Thanks Kristin.

Kristin:  Obviously I know your history and all the thousands of families that you have helped. For those that are watching can you give a little bit of background about why you got so passionate into what you’re doing and where you’re practicing currently.

Dr. Dan Rossignol : Yes, so I have two children audism and when they were diagnosed for my older child I didn’t even realize that he had autism. It was actually a shock to me when he was diagnosed. Looking back I realized I didn’t really get much training in my residency about autism. I don’t even if I saw the child with autism during my training. It was a surprise to me and then we started going to other doctors for their autism care and not finding a lot of answers. In fact we were told certain treatments at work like the gluten-free, casein-free diet. I took that at face value, but my wife decided to listen to other parents has charged some of these treatments and our children.  My older child for example had chronic diarrhea that got a lot better when he on this gluten free casein-free diet, which at the time I thought was kind of crazy diet.

I went to the library reviewed literature and I found about a dozen studies on the gluten-free casein-free diet and then I realize you know what I can’t listen to other people, I’ve gotta go look at research myself. So my kids started to improved with these different treatments…

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What is Autism? – M.A.P.S. Doctor Dan Rossignol

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