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  • Event:  M.A.P.S. Doctor
  • Media:  Video Interview
  • Host: Kristin S Gonzalez
  • Guest: Dr. Anju Usman Singh
  • Theme: What is Biofilm & What to Do?
  • YouTube:

Kristin: I’d like to introduce Dr. Anju Usman Singh, Thank you so much for being here.

Dr. Anju Usman Singh: Thank you for having me, I’m so excited.

Kristin: I’ve known you for many years. So many people are watching, there’s so many with a new diagnosis, people are coming into autism. Can you tell them a little bit about why you’re so passionate about what you do and what you do in your practice?

Dr. Anju Usman Singh: well I’m A family practice physician by trade. I kind of got into this field because of the same reasons a lot of you are listening to this because of our kids. My own kids have a lot of medical issues and I was searching for answers. I started working in this field about 20 years ago. So I’ve been working using an integrative approach to help the medical or the underlying medical conditions that children with developmental delays and autism and chronic illnesses have.

What Is Autism Series: Lectures, Interviews and Educational Events
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What is Biofilm & What to Do? – (M.A.P.S.) Dr. Anju Usman Singh

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