Today is World Autism Day. ANY of us on this Autism journey know, what keeps us connected is: HOPE.

Meet Jaxson. Jaxson is AHA President, Kristin Selby Gonzalez’s, son. Diagnosed at 2 years old, Kristin was told things by Doctors that no parent should ever have to hear. That Jaxson would never talk, look at her, know the difference from his mother and the chair she was sitting on and other things that made her go numb.

At first, Kristin took the Doctors advice. She went home and grieved the son she had lost. She soon realized that this was not helping her, and especially not helping her son. Kristin decided to roll up her sleeves and begin RESEARCHING. Researching everything she could find out about treating a child with Autism.

She discovered that was not alone. Other parents were in her exact same shoes. Through countless hours of being on the internet, working with Doctors and connecting with other parents, things started to change.

It was a multi-pronged approach that has helped Jaxson do better and better. He saw substantial improvements from the following: Special Diets, Enzyme Therapy, Biomedical Treatments, Nutritional Supplementation, Far Infared Sauna, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Sensory Integration Techniques, Speech Therapy and Cleaning up toxins in his environment.

Now almost 16, Jaxson is showing us all that when you have HOPE, anything is possible!

On this World Autism Day, we invite you for a glimpse into Kristin’s journey with Jaxson. We’re walking together on this path.

How has your family inspired our community? We would love to hear your stories of hope (We will have our campaign, #TalkHope, all month long on our social media pages) in the comments or email!