Nowadays children are getting smart and they are able to use gadgets that even adults are not
able to operate. And in this modern era, mobile phones have made a big difference and are the
tools for multiple uses for adults as well as children. Mobile phones, nowadays allows the
students many facilities regarding education whether it is an app or videos regarding education
everything is available in the mobile phones. But what about the special kind of students who
are diagnosed with learning disabilities? Well, mobile phones have the answer. There are many
apps in the market that can help students with learning disabilities to make some difference.

Here are some of the best apps for students with learning disability:-

1. ModMath

This app was actually made for the students who are diagnosed with illnesses like dyslexia who
cannot do math and find trouble with the numbers. And also the developers of the app are
parents whom child was diagnosed with Dyslexia.

2. MyTalkTools Mobile:

The app was developed for the students who have communication problems and are unable to
express whatever they want to. So, using certain sequence of images, various sounds and
words they are arranged and set up according to the student.

3. Dyslexia Toolbox:

This app is helpful for students those who are diagnosed with Dyslexia especially for the K-12
students and the app is designed by the point of view of students who are diagnosed with
Dyslexia and get in trouble with numbers.

4. If The Emotional IQ Game:

IQ or intelligent quotient is kind of a score that is used for finding out the mental ability of
students, the higher the IQ the higher the Intelligence in the students. This app was designed
for students who don’t even have an average IQ. Especially for students aged 6 to 12 years. The
app helps in developing the emotional IQ of the student that will allow the student to reach his
potential in the future.

5. Stop, Breath & Think:

This app is actually a meditation app and not just students but everyone who suffers with the
disorders like anxiety, seizures, stress, hesitation etc. Keeping in mind all these kinds of
disorder, the app was designed. This app is useful for the mindfulness of students that helps
them to focus better and reduce the anxiety among them so that they can express themselves
without any hesitation.

6. Voice Dream Reader:

This app was made for the students who are diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity
Disorder, a disability where a student finds himself in position where he is unable to focus
especially when reading. So the app highlights certain sentences and will read it to them. This
app is the best option for the students who learns better orally.

7. Autism Express:

As the name of the app suggests, the app is designed for the persons who are suffering from
Autism. This app has fun games with a package that is very easy to use.


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