Get to Know Enzymedica and GlutenEase!

We are so excited to bring you our second post for our Get to Know series! Here at Autism Hope Alliance (AHA), we would not be where we are without the incredible support of our amazing partners. In this series, we will be checking in with some of our partners to bring you their latest news, as well as ask some frequently asked questions.

Today, we are teaming up with Enzymedica to learn about one of their most popular products, GlutenEase! We asked Enzymedica’s Digital Marketing Associate, Tommy Carello, to fill us in on why this product should be on your grocery list if you or your child experience sensitivity when eating gluten.Enzymedica Family Photo
(*Disclaimer: This product is not intended as a replacement for a gluten free diet for people with Celiac. Please consult your Physician before starting any new supplements.)

Get to Know: Enzymedica and GlutenEase

AHA: What exactly is gluten?

Tommy: Gluten is a storage protein that exists in many types of grains. It makes foods like pancakes,
bagels, pasta and pastries pleasingly chewy, and its responsible for helping these foods keep
their shape. Kneading dough develops the gluten. Higher gluten content in certain foods creates
that soft, malleable texture, as well as increasing elasticity in dough and the flours ability to
absorb water.

AHA: If you are not allergic to gluten, can you still have trouble digesting it?

Tommy: Unfortunately, yes. When someone has a gluten allergy, they have severe immune reactions
whenever they eat it. Someone can also have whats known as a “gluten intolerance. Like an
allergy, an intolerance will produce symptoms when gluten is ingested. The difference is that
these symptoms are less severe and can be difficult to isolate. Gluten intolerance is common
and may cause a variety of digestive issues like gas, bloating, stomach pressure, or fatigue.

AHA: What are the active ingredients in your GlutenEase supplements??

Tommy: There are four active ingredients in GlutenEase. Protease, Amylase, Glucoamylase, and DPP-IV.
Protease is responsible for digesting proteins. It works synergistically with DPP-IV, an enzyme
that breaks down gluten, to help our body dismantle all the components in gluten and casein

Amylase is included to optimize the digestion of carbohydrates from starches and
grains, as these foods contain the highest amounts gluten. Lastly, Glucoamylase assists the
conversion of polysaccharides from broken down carbohydrates into glucose units.


GlutenEase Extra Strength features Protease G2, an advanced form of protease designed for
mitigating the effects of accidental gluten consumption.

Like all Enzymedica products, GlutenEase is meaningfully crafted using Thera-blend providing
the optimal solutions for digestive health and wellness. It combines multiple enzymes to work
quickly throughout all environments of the body.

AHA: You can also take GlutenEase for casein digestion. Is casein the same thing as gluten?

Tommy: Casein is different from gluten, but it can still cause digestive distress. Unlike gluten, which is
often found in grains, casein is typically found in dairy. Sometimes when people are casein
intolerant, they experience symptoms like those with gluten intolerance when they ingest it.
The reason GlutenEase can be taken for both of these is due to the enzyme DPP-IV. It has shown
to be effective in the breakdown of both gluten and casein.

AHA: Is GlutenEase safe for children to take?

Tommy: Enzymes have a long history of being very safe. The good news is that supplemental enzymes do
not affect our bodys natural ability to produce its own. As with all products, we always
recommend consulting with your physician before starting a child on any supplement.

Learn More About Enzymedica and GlutenEase

Enzymedica is a Florida company that was founded in 1998 with the purpose of offering our customers the
highest-potency enzyme products possible. Today, as one of the leaders in the industry, they still strive for no less.
Visit them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About Tommy Carello:

Tommy Carello Tommy Carello was born and raised in Florida. He obtained a Bachelors degree in Business
Administration from The University of South Florida. During the summer of 2017, Tommy participated in the Enzymedica internship program. He was extremely happy to transition to a permanent member of the team due to his interest in health and wellness, and love for the Enzymedica culture and work environment. He now works with the marketing department, specializing in digital marketing.

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